Wednesday, December 11, 2013

American Express Gift Cards Fee Free at the Post Office

Update: A commenter reports that he was able to buy the gift cards with a credit card.  Tomorrow is the last day to buy them

From now until 12/12/2013, American Express gift cards have no fees when you buy them at the Post Office.

I don't know if they accept credit card, but if they do accept credit cards this is a really cheap way of meeting a spending threshold for a new credit card or for manufactured spending as these can be liquidated via Amazon Payments.  You can use these gift cards over time as well.

If anyone tries it, please leave a comment whether credit cards are accepted.


vos iz goshien said...

Just bought 450 dollars worth of Amex gift cards with my new ink card for 450!

Oren said...

Thanks for the data point!

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