Tuesday, December 3, 2013

$20 from Pathmark for Buying Gift Cards

Update: The weekly circular (pages 6-7) reports that this deal will last until 12/12.  If you spend $50 on gift cards, you get $5 off, if you spend $100, you get $10 off.  $200 gets a $20 coupon.  $500 gets $60 off.  This works on any type of gift card from the rack (I assume Pathmark gift cards are excluded but I'm not sure).

I was doing my usual monthly shopping at Pathmark for $500 Visa gift cards on the AMEX Blue Preferred for 6% cashback when a coupon printed out from the machine.  I don't usually pay much attention to the automatic coupons because they aren't very relevant, but I always stuff them in my bag until I get home.

When my wife looked at the coupon she asked me if I looked at it.  I said no.  She said, "Here, look!"

I was shocked to see that the coupon was for $20 off your next shopping trip of $20 or more! It says thank you for participating in our holiday gift card program.  No, thank you!  3 of them printed out for me!

$60 towards shopping.  Who can't spend $60 at a grocery store?  Since I just went shopping, I guess we will be having about $20 worth of meat this shabbos, and next shabbos and the shabbos after that! Anyone coming for a meal?

I will clearly be going back again this week to get some more Visa gift cards.  I don't know when the sale ends, but worst case scenario I'll just get some more $500 Visa Gift cards for some extra cash.  I usually go at about 11pm, see you there?

You can get the AMEX Blue Preferred - 6% cashback groceries up to $6,000 a year with a $75 annual fee - at this link ($100 bonus) or you can email me and I'll send you a link so that I can get a bonus as well and you will get a $150 bonus.


Ben said...

Why do you buy gift cards with your Amex blue preferred to get to 6k for the year? what do you use the gift cards for then? groceries? why not use the card to buy the groceries?

Oren said...

Good question Ben. There are a couple of reasons you might want to do what I do.

The first is that I have one card for myself and one for my wife and we don't spend $12,000 a year on groceries. This allows us to get 5% (6% -1% fee) cashback in places that aren't classified as grocery stores.

The second is that the Visa gift cards I buy can be cashed via Bluebird at Walmart so that I am getting 5% back as actual money. Then I can use a different card like the American Express Blue Everyday that will get me 3% cashback at grocery stores up to 6k a year so I can really maximize.

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