Saturday, November 23, 2013

Small Business Saturday - Register Your Cards Now!

Update: Registration is now live!  In addition, the terms and conditions explicitly exclude online transactions.

Disclaimer: I receive a referral commission for the following link(s) and I greatly appreciate supporting the site: American Express Serve

This Sunday, November 24th, at 12am Mountain Time is when you can start registering your american express cards for Small Business Saturday.

You have to register each individual card at

Every American Express card that has a separate account number on the front is eligible for a $10 credit if you spend $10 or more on November 30th at a Small Business on that card.  If the card is issued by American Express, authorized users will have a separate account number are eligible as well.

- Prepaid cards are not eligible, except for American Express Serve® which is eligible.
- Corporate cards are not eligible.

Last year, I bought gift cards from and combined all the gift cards into one order so that I wouldn't have to pay for shipping on each order.

If you live in Teaneck, I know that Persian Grill has participated in years past and they sell gift cards so you can buy multiple gift cards and come back on a different night as well.


LA2NYC said...

1) How many AU's per card? What's your AU system?

2) Tips for keeping track of that many cards?

Oren said...

1) It's actually pretty simple. I am an AU for my wife's cards and she is an AU for my cards. I don't do anything more than that. We just have a lot of American Express cards between us.

There are definitely people who add lots of AUs for each card. Online you need to add that person's ssn, but over the phone sometimes you can get the agent to wave that requirement.

2) Autopay everything and paper statements.

They don't have annual fees (excepts blue preferred which I use all the time) so I have no problem not paying attention to them for months at a time. I keep all my American Express cards in a stack so that when promotions come around I can easily find all of them

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