Wednesday, October 16, 2013

$5 off an $80 Purchase at

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Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

More Extreme Savings at Target sells discounted gift cards.  When you spend $80 or more and use Promo Code TREAT80, $5 will be knocked off the price.

Promo codes are one time use per account.

As you can see in the picture, I spent $75.65 for $83.85 worth of Target Gift cards.

I started my purchase at Top Cashback so I got another 2% of $75.65 back into my account.
I used my Discover it Credit Card because they offer 5% cashback for online purchases until the end of the year.
In addition, I will still be getting my 5% Target Red Card Discount when I use the gift cards, even though I won't be using my Target card.

Grand Total - I will end up paying $66.57 for $83.85 of Target money.  That's a discount of almost 21%!

I know I will spend money at Target so I wait for these promo codes and I always buy even though I don't need more Target money yet.  This way, I will always be getting a serious discount.

You can read more about Extreme Savings at Target at this post.

Starbucks Savings

For all those Starbucks lovers, there is one Starbucks gift card at a 10.5% discount.  It will cost $84.50 for a $100 gift card after the promo code for a discount of 15.5%.  Add 2% for Top Cashback and 5% for Discover and your price drops to $78.58 or a discount of almost 21.5%!  Grab it now before someone else does