Sunday, September 8, 2013

Free Money from Staples - Oren Strikes Again!

Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

I love it when Staples coupons come in the mail.  Their online coupons almost always work on Visa gift cards.  A Staples online coupon means that I can buy money at less than cost.  That is never a bad price.

The coupon I got was for $25 off a $75 purchase.  Staples sells Visa gift cards in $50 and $100 denominations so I picked up a $100 gift card.  The normal fee is $106.95.  After a $25 code, the final price came to $81.95 or 18.05% off!  Not too shabby, but it doesn't end there.  

Maximizing the Purchase

Now, that I know I'm going to buy the card, I need to figure the best way to buy it in order to get extra points/money.  

A check on shows that if I use my Discover IT™  and Shop Discover portal I
will get 5% extra for a total of 6% off the price.

If I use the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal I will get 3 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent.

However, I have a Chase Ink Bold card (there is an annual fee after the first year) which gives 5 UR points per dollar spent at office supply stores like Staples.  Therefore, if I start shopping through and use my Ink Bold, I will get an 8 UR points per dollar spent (655 points). 

1 UR point is worth at least one cent because it can be redeemed for a penny so this is the equivalent of another 6.55% (8 points off the final price, not the value of the gift card) off the price for a total discount of 24.6%!  Far less shabby!

Incidentally, it came with a coupon that gives you 3 pieces of luggage with a $100 order. So, I bought another $100 visa gift card for $106.95 and got another 8 UR points per dollar (856 points) for the equivalent of them paying me $1.50 to take 3 pieces of luggage.  Anybody looking to buy some luggage?  I will give a good price ;)