Sunday, September 15, 2013

American Express and Shop Rite - Spend $150 get $30 off - Free Money!

Register any American Express card you have here.  Spend $150 in one purchase at Shop Rite and receive a $30 statement credit onto your card.

You should get an immediate email that you have registered your card and another email once you spend the $150 saying you will be getting $30 back.

Shopping must be done by 10/12/2013

Every American Express card is eligible, including Authorized Users of cards issued by American Express.  If the card is not issued by American Express (ie. - Citibank AMEX, Fidelity AMEX, PenFed, etc.) only one card is eligible, not authorized users.  You will be able to tell based on whether the authorized user has a distinct account number on the front.  If it is distinct, it is eligible, if not, it isn't eligible.

Spend money on anything to get to $150.  I bought a $200 Visa Gift Card, which looks like this.

I had an email waiting for me when I got home. I used my American Express Blue Preferred and got the email saying I was successful.  There is a $7 fee so it is only a net of $23, but I get another 6% for buying it at a grocery store so I will get an extra $10.50 in rewards for a net of over $33.  In addition, I can load this card onto Bluebird at Walmart so that it is all profit!

Shop Rite sells Shop Rite and gift cards from other brands without any fees (at least mine does) so you can buy $150 worth of gift cards without any fees!