Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7-11 is a Grocery Store - American Express!

A few weeks ago I wrote that 7-11 is a Gas Station according to Visa and Discover therefore you get 5x rewards until the end of September, which includes Vanilla Reload cards.

After that post, I got an email from a reader saying that American Express considers 7-11 a grocery store and he gets 6% cashback on his American Express Blue Preferred when shopping at 7-11.

He sent me this bill to prove it:

Therefore, 7-11 is another place to get 6% cashback.  Alternatively, you can try to find $500 gift cards at grocery stores.  Either way, the world of cashback is continually improving so long as Bluebird stays aloft.

Remember that whenever you do something like this, try it out in small amounts to make sure it works for your particular store.

Thank you to DC for the tip!


Anonymous said...

I saw one post from fatwallet saying that the 7-11 purchases using Amex was categorized as grocery but it earned just 1% cash back not the additional 5% bonus cash back. Can anyone confirm?

Oren said...

American Express Blue extra money takes a while to post to the account. How long has it been? Check the actual transaction and see how they categorized it and hopefully it is groceries like in the picture in the post.

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