Monday, July 22, 2013

Citibank - 3x American Airlines Miles - Targeted?

I got an email with the following offer from Citibank:

Earn 3 miles for purchases until 9/30 up to 2,500 extra miles. Basically, this means that if you spend $1,250 before 9/30 you will get 3,750 American Airlines Miles.  Also, your first purchase of $20 or more will get you another 1,000 miles for a total of 4,750 miles for spending $1,250 or 3.8 miles per dollar spent, not too shabby.

You need to enroll through your email so you can only get the extra miles if you got an email from Citibank

I missed the first email they sent me and only noticed the second email so search your inbox if you have a citibank card that earns AA miles.

I happen to get 2 miles on up to $750 a month as a retention bonus and I am eager to see if these offers will stack, but I'm not greedy, I'll take 3.8 miles per dollar instead of 4.8.