Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7-11 is a Gas Station!

Update 1 7/17 - Discover also considers 7-11 a gas station so enjoy your 5% (i.e. - free easy money).  This picture is from my online activity from Discover.

I've rumors online that 7-11 was considered a gas station, but I had never checked it out myself until now.

I bought a couple dollars worth of items to see how the purchase was categorized.

You need to go to Chase Blueprint in order to see how purchases are categorized.  Use your regular Chase login.

This is a shot from my account when I tracked my spending at gas stations.

Who Cares?

Right now, you can get 5% cashback at gas stations on your Chase Freedom and Discover it cards.

Some 7-11 stores carry Vanilla Reload cards and $500 Visa Prepaid cards.  This will allow you to easily maximize your 5% categories.

Be aware that even if you see VR cards, every store is different in their policy.  The register will allow you to pay with a credit card, but some stores will tell you it is cash only and some stores will allow credit cards.  Usually Visa Prepaid cards can be bought with credit cards, but not always.

I have also made a purchase with my Discover card but it hasn't posted yet so I can't see the category yet.  I will update when it posts.