Monday, June 10, 2013

Buffalo, I Will Miss You and Your Easy Free Money Way!

I just got back from my daily "errands".  I cashed out $1,000 of Chase gift cards on my Bluebird with no fees for 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points at Walmart which is 5 minutes away.  80,000 Ultimate Rewards points is equivalent to a free rountrip ticket to Israel on United.

Vanilla Reloads are abundant at the local CVS and $200 Visa gift cards at Office Max, while not quite as abundant as VRs, were certainly more than I needed.  I bought 4 because they have to be on separate transactions and I felt like I would be too much of a pain to them if I bought any more.

If you are curious, there are still 9 $200 visa gift cards at Office Max on Maple Road in Amherst as of this morning.  I will be going back tomorrow to get more (on a different credit card), I hope they restock, but I have a feeling that they won't.

I bought the 4 cards on my Citibank AAdvantage card since I get double miles on up to $750 each month which is why I bought four.  After the second one, I got a text message from Citi's fraud department asking if I had spent the money.  Oops!  No harm done, I replied that I did and the rest went through.  My haul = 1,878 American Airlines miles (1,500 miles for the first $750 and 378 for the next $37.80).  90,000 American Airlines miles will get you a free rountrip ticket to Israel on American Airlines.