Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaneck, NJ Here We Come!

My family and I are moving to Teaneck, NJ, which is quite a change from Buffalo for a frum family.  I'm going from a place with a nice Jewish community to one of the few counties in America that still has Blue Laws.  In all seriousness, it will be quite an adjustment.

There are many things that I will miss about Buffalo.  One of the pertinent ones to this blog is that I have a Walmart within a 5 minute drive.  I can buy Chase $500 Gift Cards for $500 on my credit card, deposit the $500 into my Bluebird account and use Bluebird to pay my credit card bill while getting the rewards on my credit card with no fees at all.

In addition, there is a CVS on the way home from school.  I usually stop there a few times a month to stock up on the healthy supply of Vanilla Reload cards and put that money on my Bluebird.

Naturally, I was not so happy to be giving up these very lucrative ways of generating points and miles.

My wife was talking to one of her friends from Teaneck and she asked "is your apartment the one that is right near CVS?"  Maybe the move won't be so bad after all :)  No sales tax doesn't hurt either!

Here's to looking for lucrative deals in the New York Metropolitan area!

Let the research begin:  Are there any supermarkets with $500 prepaid cards? Does CVS carry vanilla reload cards or have DDFers already cleared them out?  How can we get Walmart to move closer?  All these questions and more coming to a blog near you.