Monday, May 6, 2013

32GB SDHC Memory Card $20

For everyone who likes taking a lot of pictures, a 32GB+ memory card is a must.  When I use up all the storage on one (that can take a long time), I start another and it is a cheap and small alternative to an external hard drive backup for all your pics.

Right now, you can buy a 32GB Sony SDHC memory card for $20 with free shipping from Ebay.

This is not an amazing deal, but it is decent.  My rule of thumb is that I try to pay no more than $0.50 per GB which is closer to $16.  You can buy the same card on Amazon for $22.  There are tons of ways to get Amazon money for cheaper so this might even end up as a better deal, but if you are in need of an SD card right away, go with the Ebay one.