Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Save 14.5%+ at Target - Plastic Jungle

Update - Plastic jungle has shut down.  There are other alternatives, such as which still give you some cash back through top cashback.  The savings on the gift cards are not as good as what was offered from plastic jungle.  Please check out to see if there are currently any sites offering better deals.

I love good generic brands.  If you can buy basically the same product for cheaper, what's better than that?

Therefore, my wife and I use lots of Targets products, especially Target Up and Up Diapers instead of Pampers because we find them to be just as effective and they are much cheaper than Pampers.

Save 14.5%+ at Target

It's possible to save as much as 15.5% off the price of every product sold at with free shipping to boot.  This will work with many stores, but not usually this much cashback at a store most people use.

Here's how it goes:

  • 2.5% - Go to Top Cashback and from there to which is a site that sells gift cards at a discount.  Whatever you spend at Plastic Jungle will earn 2.5% to your Top Cashback account.
    • If there are no gift cards that suit your need from Plastic Jungle, you can do the same thing from, but you will only get 2% back into Top Cashback instead of 2.5%

  • 8.5% - Plastic Jungle sells Target eGift cards at a 6% discount, which combined with your 2.5% gets you to 8.5%.
    1. Make sure you buy an eGift card so that your gift card will be ready within minutes.
    2. Also make sure to buy a gift card that is less money than the total you want to spend.  For example, if you are spending $26 at Target, buy a $25 gift card.  This means you will use up your entire gift card and enables you to save another 5% through step 4.

  • 10.5% - Buy your gift cards with your Fidelity American Express for another 2% back on every purchase.  You will need to buy it through Paypal because Plastic Jungle doesn't accept American Express directly.  If you don't have a Fidelity American Express and you don't want one, you will only get 1% back at this stage or whatever your credit card gives you.

  • 15.5% and Free Shipping - Use a Target Card to pay for the remainder of your purchase. As long as you are spending some money on your Target Card, you will get Free Shipping with no minimum and you will still get 5% off the entire purchase!
    1. You don't need a Target Credit Card, a Target Debit Card will work too