Monday, April 22, 2013

Big Oppurtunity for Meeting Spending Thresholds!

Update 1 4/22 - The deal now works.  You can buy a $3,000 American Express Prepaid card for a total of $3,006.95 or .23% in fees.  Start your purchase with Top Cashback and you will get 2% cashback in addition to any rewards from your credit card.  Make sure to choose the gift card on the top left as you can buy a $3,000 gift card for the same fees.

Use coupon code ADMIN2013 to save $5.95 off of shipping.

Once you get your cards, you can use them to buy visa gift cards from Gift Card Mall that has a pin.  Each $1000 gift card costs 1006.11 with shipping, or 0.6% of fees.  Start at Top Cashback and you will get another 2% back.  Then you can cash everything out with Bluebird.

If you follow all of this, you will get $75.17 from American Express to Top Cashback, $60.36 from Gift Card Mall to Top Cashback and another $60.13 from your Fidelity American Express for a total of $195.66 of cashback.  There is a total of $25.28 in fees for a take home package of $170.38 or 5.6% on your $3025.28 of fees.  Cash it out on Bluebird and you're in good shape!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Frequent Miler, who is one of the bloggers on the Boarding Area platform.  Sometimes he goes way above my head on what he is willing to do to get miles.   See his Million Mile Madness posts where he tried to get 1,000,000 miles in one month.  Yes, those numbers are correct.

Either way, I think he is one of most creative bloggers out there in getting miles and points for as close to nothing as possible and sometimes even making money on the deal!  Double and tripple dipping is standard!

Based on a request of his to topcashback, there is an opportunity tomorrow and next monday to "spend" a lot of money and get 4.5% cashback before fees.  All the money can get right back into your bank account with Bluebird, plus the extra cashback.

If you need to hit a spending threshold for a credit card sign up bonus, make sure to take advantage of this!

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