Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NY Times for Free - Getting Past the Paywall

The NY Times only allows you to read 10 articles a month.  Once you get past the 10 articles, you have to start paying to read anymore, but there is a way to get around that.  Here is what I do:

You can go to nytimes.com as many times as you want and the different categories (i.e. world, politics) as much as you want.  The clock only starts ticking when you click on an individual article.

When I find an article title that tickles my interest, I google nytimes and the title of the article and when you get to the article through google it doesn't count to your 10.  For example, you can google "nytimes ryan budget plan aims to roll back obama agenda" and it will come up as the first hit on google.  You can copy and paste directly from the times website so you don't have to type the whole title yourself.