Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Chase Freedom is not Looking Forward to Next Year

One of the best parts of my Chase Freedom card is that I have a Chase checking account connected to it which gives me Chase Exclusives.  The gist is that I always get at least 10 points on every purchase with no minimum.  They also give a 10% bonus on your points every month which effectively raises the rate to 1.1% instead of 1%.  The 10 extra points make it my card of choice for smaller purchases because % back can be very high  ($1 purchase will get you 11% back).

Today, I walked into a store in Queens to buy a coffee.  The store belongs to a certain ethnic minority that I belong to as well.  I tried to pay for it with my Chase Freedom card and I was rebuffed.  "$10 minimum for credit cards".  Epic fail.

This is a going to be a serious problem next year when I move to the New York area.

Unfortunately, you can't sign up for the extra 10 points anymore even though those who signed up are grandfathered in, but there have been reports that you still can get the 10% bonus, though it is now once a year instead of every month.

I would sign up now if you haven't already, who knows how long this will last.


Anonymous said...

Just use a Priceline Visa or Fidelity Amex for non-bonus spend and get 2% on everything.

Oren said...

That's a good point. I do use the Fidelity Amex when it is 2%, but when the price is $10 or less you get better than 2% back. 10 cents and another 1% means 2% exactly at $10 (20 points). Under $10 you get the same 10 cents and 1%, which ends up being more than 2%. $5 purchase gets 10 points and another 5 points for 1% which is 3%. The lower the price, the higher the percentage back.

Anonymous said...

Fair point. I gave up my Chase checking so I could close the account, wait three months then re-open it and get another $200 bonus.

I would need to make 1,333 $5 charges annually to make $200 -- though I wouldn't get a 1099-INT as I do for the checking bonus.

Oren said...

I applaud your efforts. Well done.

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