Monday, February 4, 2013

NFL Credit Card - $400 Bonus - Sign up Now!

Barclays is offering the an NFL extra points credit card with a $400 sign up bonus.

The actual card is not too good, but the sign up bonus is incredible.  I have no idea how long it will last so sign up now!  I got the bonus one time before and I got my full $400.

  • You need to spend $2,500 in three months, which shouldn't be too hard.  
    • Worst case scenario you can go to any CVS and pick up a few $500 Visa gift cards and pay a $5 fee for every $500 and come out way ahead.
  • You will get 40,000 points which can be used to pay your statement balance for future transactions of $25 or more.
    • My experience was that the 40,000 points posted right when I hit my spending threshold.  I was able to use my points to pay that bill.  I still had to pay the full statement balance, but I ended up being owed the $400.  I then requested a check for the $400 which was sent.  If you wait to use your points until the next month, you will have to spend an extra $400 and use the points for that $400 of spending.
      • Example - If you spend $2,500 the first month, you will get 42,500 points which can be used towards your statement balance of $425.  You still need to pay the full $2,500 but once that bill is settled your balance will be -$425 and you can request a check for $425.