Sunday, February 17, 2013

Niagara Outlet Mall Green Savings Card Free with American Express

I went to the Niagara Outlet Mall today to buy some shoes for my ever growing son.  Many outlet malls have a coupon book that you can get for free or sometimes have to pay for.

Woodbury Common, for example, has a coupon book that you can get at the service desk.  It costs $10 and many people are forking over the money for the book.  If you go here and sign in you can print out a coupon that gives you a coupon book for free.  You can also print coupons for individuals store that are different from the coupon book.

Niagara Outlets has what they call a "green savings card."  They have one card instead of a book (green because it saves paper, not money) and you show the card to stores and you can often get a discount.

I saw a sign that says that you can get a green savings card for free with a AAA or CAA card.   I asked them how I can get a green card without a AAA card and they said that I can get one for free with an American Express card as well.  I took out an American Express card and got one for free.  It didn't help me with Stride Rite today, but it was a good piece of info to know, especially since the card doesn't expire until 2014.

My wife then said, "The sad part is that they could have said any credit card company and you would have had that in your wallet too."  I didn't think that was very sad ;)