Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bluebird, Citi Dividend, Chase Freedom, Vanilla Reload and Confirmed Free Money

I've already talked about how you can use a Bluebird prepaid card (Joint venture of American Express and Walmart), Citi Dividend (or Chase Freedom) and Vanilla Reload to get plenty of free money.

Without too much work you can get up to $240 for every Citi Dividend card and $60 for every Chase Freedom card.

You need to make 6 trips to CVS for the Citi Card and another 2 for the Chase Freedom and then a few minutes each time online, but then you have $200 for free.

Check out this post to see how the process works

Here is my Citi Dividend statement from last month that show what I am talking about:

As you can see, I spent a total of 2017.80 at CVS and got 100.89 back, which is exactly 5%.   I got over $100 last month too, but that statement has more identifying features so I won't post that picture.

A few notes:

- Vanilla Reloads can be bought at CVS with a credit card.  There was a rumor that they were being pulled, but I just bought some yesterday and today so they are still there.  There is a $1,000 maximum purchase per day limit so don't try to buy more at one time.

- You have until the end of March to do the spending so even if you don't have the right credit cards now, you can still apply for the Bluebird (cancel your Serve card if you have it because you can't have both), Citi Dividend and/or Chase Freedom.

- You can only load up to $5000 per month ($1,000 max per day) onto bluebird, but you can still buy as much as you want to get your bonus and then load excess of $5000 the next month.

- Maximum bonus for Citi Dividend is $300 or buying $6000.  You will net $240 after fees.  Maximum for Chase Freedom is $75 or buying $1500.  You will net $60 after fees.  Both 5% categories expire at the end of March.

For more information, check out my other post on the same topic which breaks down the exact percentages.