Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today's Exploits and New Info

Oren on Vacation is Bad News for Companies I like

  • Best Buy Reward Zone gift cards can be used to buy Amazon gift cards!
    • Back in November, I talked about getting some free money from American Express and Best Buy ($14 per American Express card).  Along with the free money, you also get a $5 Best Buy Gift Card for every $250 you spend.  The problem is that they expire and I have little interest in much of what Best Buy sells. 
    •  I had one last American Express card to use at Best Buy and I already had $20 worth of gift card.  I found out that the Best Buy gift cards will work on Amazon gift cards, even though they don't work on Visa or non expiring Best Buy gift cards.  With my last credit card, I bought $225 worth of Amazon gift cards for $185 for a discount of 17.8%! $20 off from gift cards and $20 off from American Express.  I already got my email from American Express telling me that I will get $20 back.
      • Amazon gift cards are disguised as Kindle gift cards in the computer section (at least in my store), but they work on any Amazon purchase

  • Exchange your Soda stream carbonator at Bed Bath and Beyond 
    • My Soda stream finally ran out of gas (pun intended).  I exchanged the carbonater at Bed Bath and Beyond for $15.  I used a $5 off $15 coupon for a total price of $10.  Not too shabby for 60L worth of carbonation :)
      • Of course, I payed the $10 with a gift card I got for returning a bent knife 3 and a half years after I bought it in a different Bed Bath and Beyond (they don't even carry it in my local store) without any receipt.  They have one of best return policies of any store.
      • I get $25 Bed Bath and Beyond gift certificates for $20 of Discover Card rewards, which is the equivalent of 25% off so a soda stream refill would normally cost a total of $7.50 instead of the full price fo $15!