Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soda stream Starter Kit $60 After Rebate from Best Buy

Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

Update 1/6 - The sodastream at Best Buy is still coming up at $80, but I put in my cart and never bought it.  When I checked today, it was selling for $64 in my cart and $80 from the regular site.  I can't promise it will work for you, but give it a shot.  Put the sodastream in your cart, check back in a few weeks and hope the price goes down.

Update 12/28: Sodastream starter kit is also available at Target for $80 ($60 after rebate).  Use a Target Credit Card and you will save another 5%.  Start your purchase at Top Cashback and you will get 2-6% cashback.

Click on the Banner below or click here and search "3386931" and it will come up 

Rebate Link - The machine is $80 and the rebate takes $20 off.
You can see Best Buy is an authorized retailer here.  You can buy it online to take advantage of the extra discounts, but only available for in store pickup.

Even if you already have one, this is a great gift idea!

  • Sign up for Best Buy Rewards Zone and you will get a $5 Best Buy Gift Card for every $250 you spend at Best Buy (2%) in addition to all your other savings.
  • Start your purchase from Top Cashback and get 4-6% back as well!  I think it is 6% for this (appliance?), but it is hard to tell.

Don't have Top Cashback?  Sign up here for free.   They usually have the best cashback percentages (even better than Ebates) although it take a little longer to get your money.

  • Use your Discover it™ and you will get 5% back for all your online purchases until the end of the year (max of $75 back), including this one.  A total of 9-11% back if you use both Top Cashback and Discover More!  
    • 11% of $80 is $8.80 off.  Combine that with 2% off for Rewards zone for another $1.60 off and your total price comes to $49.60 after all discounts

  • Use your Chase Freedom and you will get 5% back for all of your purchases from Best Buy until the end of the year.

I filled out the rebate and within 6 weeks I got a check for $20.  I recommended it to some friends only to find out that half of them already have it.  Everyone I know who has one loves it!  They are great gifts as well

Make sure to get one that is not electric so that you can use it on shabbos!