Sunday, December 16, 2012

Credit Cards for Your Wallet Quarter 1 2013

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Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

These are the Credit and Debit cards that will be in my wallet from January 2013 through the end of March.  

I will explain soon how best one can take advantage of the categories this quarter with Vanilla Visa Reload Cards and Bluebird Prepaid cards from American Express/Walmart.

Here is a preview - You should be able to get $60 for every Chase Freedom account you have and $240 for every Citi Dividend account you have without spending a penny!  If you don't have a Citi Dividend or Chase Freedom or if you don't have one for your spouse, sign up now.

  • Discover it™ - 5% cash-back on movies and restaurants.  Pretty worthless to me, but others might enjoy.  $75 max per quarter