Tuesday, November 13, 2012

JetBlue In-Flight Entertainment $15 Refund - Passenger Bill of Rights

JetBlue In-Flight Entertainment $15 Refund - Passenger Bill of Rights 

Last night, my family was flying from JFK to Buffalo on JetBlue with our two year old son.   We choose JetBlue because their prices are very competitive with the competition, often cheaper, and they have an incredible in flight entertainment system for even short-haul domestic flights.  When you are travelling with a two year old, that can make a big difference.

Last night, the DirecTV stopped working right after takeoff and never came back so I sent them feedback when they asked for it via email.  I wrote:

I took a flight yesterday from JFK to Buffal with my wife and son.  We
specifically took JetBlue because of the onflight DirecTV entertainment.  After 5 minutes, the
DirecTV turned off and never came back on.  The system was restarted but it didn't help.

Within a few hours I got a response from Jet Blue that said that each of the passengers on the flight would be getting $15 credits ($45 total) towards our next flights, as it says in their Passenger Bill of Rights.

I looked in their Passenger Bill of Rights and it does in fact say:

JetBlue offers 36 channels of DIRECTV® service on its flights in 
the Continental U.S. If our LiveTV™ system is inoperable on flights 
in the Continental U.S., customers are entitled to a $15 Credit good 
for future travel on JetBlue.

You can pay using your credits when you book your flight from jetblue.com and you get up to the payment screen, one of the options is to use your Travel Bank credits.

Credits are good for one year

Here's hoping my in flight entertainment doesn't work on my next solo short haul flight in December!