Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Company Category Codes from Visa

Company Category Codes from Visa

Many credit cards give different rewards based on the type of purchase, for instance, the American Express Blue Preferred gives you 6% cashback on your grocery store purchases.

It can be confusing figuring out how a company is going to be categorized until you shop there.

For example, how is a Walmart that has groceries categorized?

Visa has a tool that can help.  They have a website that helps companies figure out how their supplier is categorized.  Just put in the store you are interested and the city and it should come up.

I found out that my local Walmart is considered to be just as much a grocery store as my local supermarkets!  I will have to use my AMEX Blue Preferred there to see if I will get my 6% back.  Walmart often has good gift cards so I may be able to get 6% back on those as well!

I'm sure there will be errors so don't spend hundreds of dollars based on this list, try it out with a small amount first, but you may find that there are stores that qualify for extra bonuses that you didn't know about