Sunday, November 4, 2012

American Express and XBox Live = More Free Money

American Express and XBox Live = More Free Money

As many of my readers are aware, American Express cards can give you amazing value outside of their cashback rewards programs.  There are promotions running all the time that can literally get you plenty of free money and savings on merchandise.

Here is a new one.  Sync your American Express card with your XBox Live account.  You will get a free $10 statement credit to your American Express card.

Every AMEX card I have (and I now have 10 to be exact if you include authorized users - only three which I pay an annual fee for - still worth it) has been worth over $100 to me and that is before Small Business Saturday, which is coming up and will be worth $25 for each card!

Just in the last year, there has been $20 off a $200 purchase at Best Buy ($14 free), which happened twice (another $14), $25 off a $25 purchase in five different places (I was able to get $80 of gift cards for free - a little more difficult to get good free money there), shop small $10 credit ($10 towards a purchase for free in three cities), $20 off a $20 purchase (I got a very cheap game), $10 off a $10 purchase in lower manhattan (I got a $2 flashdrive, you could have gotten a free $10 gift card too) and $5 off spending $5 at redbox and $25 per card for Small Business Saturday from last November.

This doesn't include the $150 you could have gotten for free for signing up for prepaid cards or the $25 per person for free (still going) for signing up for a different amex prepaid cards and the $10 per person for free once you have the prepaid card, but those don't have to do with credit cards and are not eligible for promotions.

If you don't have any American Express cards, get some!  If you aren't planning on using them for rewards, get the cards that don't have an annual fee like Blue Cash everyday, Blue Sky, Blue, Hilton HHonors or Clear.

These promotions are available for any American Express cards you have, regardless of whether there is annual fee.  Also, you are often eligible for a second bonus for any authorized users you add to your account (no extra fees, even if the original card has an annual fee the authorized user will be free).