Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Serve - Spend $20 Get $10 Back

Serve Credit - Spend $20 and get $10 Back

I got an email (at least four others got the same email ) from Serve that if I spend $20 on my serve account by the end of November, I will get a $10 credit.  No sign up necessary, but only for those who got an email so check your inboxes and your spam if you are a serve member and didn't get an email.

I honestly don't know how American Express makes money, but here's hoping that they keep throwing more free money our way!

Once you get the $10 credit, you can immediately withdraw the money back into your checking account.

If you don't have a serve account, you can sign up between now and December 31st and get a $25 credit (without spending anything).  Serve is a prepaid card so there is no credit check or income verification required.

Thank you YP and MW for the tip.