Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday from American Express - November 24th

Small Business Saturday from American  Express - November 24th

Update 3: Registration has opened a little early.  I've already registered all of my cards.  Enroll your cards in Small Business Saturday here and enjoy your free money! no longer works.

Also, the new Terms and Conditions does not mention that charities do not qualify so one can donate $25 to a charity and not spend a penny!  Be careful though, the terms also say that the merchants have to be found on their eligibility map ( so make sure you can find them before you donate.

Worst case scenario, you can always get a $25 gift card (online or in store gift card) from Eichler's and decide what to buy later.

Update 2: Remember that registration is this Saturday night/Sunday morning at 2am Eastern time.

Update 1: Kudos to DansDeals (as usual) for breaking the news that registration will begin on 11/18 at 2am at  Registration will close after a set number of cards are enrolled so make sure to enroll as soon as possible! I've been carrying all of my AMEX cards in my backpack and checking facebook every couple of hours so that I don't miss the registration.  It's nice to know that I don't have to do that anymore

Small Business Saturday is coming on Saturday November 24th.  American Express has had this program for the last 3 years in November.

The details haven't been released, but last year on Small Business Saturday AMEX offered a $25 credit if you spend $25+ at a small business on that day, or a free $25!

You need to register all your cards and the rumor is that registration will begin in the beginning of November so check back for more details later.

In previous American Express promotions, the following was true:

  1. Every American Express card you have can be registered, even authorized users on the same card and even Business cards.  I have now added my wife to every American Express card I have, even ones I only got for the bonus.  Adding an authorized user does not incur any additional annual fees, but doubles or triples, etc. your bonus capabilities
  2. Prepaid and Gift cards do not work for these promotions.
  3. Even if the terms and conditions say that you must spend money in store only, online has worked as well.  I would avoid paypal for this as it can be construed as not being a small business, but I could be wrong about that.
  4. Even if the terms and conditions say that it does not work for charity, it has worked for charity in the past.