Monday, October 22, 2012

Chase Exclusives with Your Chase Freedom

Chase Exclusives with Your Chase Freedom

If you use the Chase Freedom credit card, Chase Exclusives can make the card much more lucrative for small purchases.  For example:

I walked into Dunkin' Donuts this morning (I got a $5 gift certificate from Aspen Dental - Thanks Yossi!) and I only had $1.59 left on my card.  My coffee cost $1.73 so I had to pay the extra $0.13.  It was an easy choice which card to use - Chase Freedom.  Here's why:

With Chase Exclusives you get:

- Every purchase, no matter how small, gives you 10 extra bonus points.  Even if you only spend $0.13, like me, you will still get 10 extra points.

- You get a 10% bonus for all of your purchases.  For example, if you spend $10, you will get 10 points as a base (1 point per $1).  You will get another 10 points because you get 10 points per transaction.  Then you will get 1 more point as a 10% bonus (10% of 10 points = 1 point).

Therefore, whenever a purchase is $10 or less, I use my Chase Freedom.

Keep in mind that when you spend money in the 5% categories, you will get the 10% bonus on the 1% points, not the additional 4%.

How do I get Chase Exclusives?

You are automatically enrolled in Chase Exclusives if you have a Chase Checking account.

How can I get it free?

There are three ways to get a Chase Plus checking account for free.

  1. Have $1,500 average balance per month 
  2. Monthly direct deposits of $500 per month
  3. $5,000 of deposits and investments in linked Chase Accounts
Otherwise, it is a $12 monthly fee, which would not be worth it just for the bonus.