Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Buy - Spend $200 and Get $20 Back from American Express - $14 Free Per Card

Best Buy - Spend $200 and Get $20 Back from American Express - $14 Free Per Card

Update - Alive again but with tweet #AmexBestBuyOffer for the same Twitter offer.  I have done this a few times and every time I add Best Buy Visa Prepaid money to my serve account.  I haven't spent much money outside of prepaid cards in a little while ;)
Twitter allows pseduonyms so feel free to start multiple twitter accounts and sync one Amex card per account to get $14 for every Amex card you have! 

Keep records of which card is linked to which account.  I send myself an email.

In addition, this will work with your synced American Express on Facebook.  I don't know what happens when the same card is synced for both deals, but I assume you won't get the credit twice.

You need to spend $200 by 12/31 at Best Buy

Update 1: I just came back from Best Buy.  I bought two $200 gift cards and came home to two confirmation emails from American Express that I will be getting my $40 back.  $28 Free!  In addition, I should be also getting two $5 reward zone coupons in the next couple of weeks too!  

Over the next couple of months I will be adding the money onto my two (mine and my wife's) serve account and slowly withdrawing and spending the money.

American Express, keep 'em coming!!

Until 10/31, if you spend $200 or more at Best Buy on your American Express card, American Express will give you a $20 statement credit.

You need to register your American Express card with their app on Facebook.  You can register only one card per facebook account - 
Keep records of which American Express card is linked with which facebook account because it's difficult to find out later.

- Once you register your card go back to the Facebook app, click on sync and the Best Buy offer will come up again.

The $200 can be a regular purchase or a gift card purchase!  Most Best Buys have Visa Gift Cards of $200 that have a surcharge of $6 so you can make a net of $14 per card or an Amazon gift card with no surcharge!

The last time this same promotion ran I bought $400 of gift cards, got my $40 and then I got a $5 Best Buy credit for being a Best Buy Reward Zone member and spending money in the store, so if you aren't a member, sign up now.

- For every $250 you spend, you get a $5 gift certificate (2%).  I already did this twice before  so I spent $400, leaving $150 left over after my first $5 gift certificate so another $400 will actually get me two $5 gift certificates.

- Once you have the Best Buy Visa Gift Card, you can load all your gift cards onto your serve account, but you need to register the gift cards in your name and address by calling the number on the back of your card (this also allows you to use gift cards online).