Thursday, September 27, 2012

$400 Credit Card Sign Up Bonus - NFL Extra Points Credit Card

$400 Credit Card Sign Up Bonus - NFL Extra Points Credit Card

Edit: The deal is gone.  Congratulations to all those who were able to sign up for it!

Sign up for the NFL Extra Points Credit Card and you will get a sign up bonus of $400 after you spend $1000 !

Unfortunately, there are restrictions in how you can use redeem the $400, but we can work with them ;)

Here are the redemption options from the site:

Redemption Options:
 Cardmembers may redeem Points for a variety of rewards including NFL gift cards, certain NFL merchandise, NFL collectibles, NFL based experiences, and cash back via a statement credit towards any purchase transactions of $25 or more that posted to your account within the last 90 days. Statement credit redemption amount cannot exceed the amount of the qualifying purchase transaction

This means that you can either use the money NFL merchandise or, more realistically, you can spend $25 or more 16 ($25 X 16 = $400) times and use the $400 to pay for that.

Worst case scenario, you can buy 16 $25 gift cards to somewhere you go all the time (like the grocery store) and you have $400 for free!

If you buy one thing for $400 after the bonus posts to your account (30 days after you spend the $1000), that should work too.


Self Sagacity said...

I didn't know that there are such a credit card. Thanks for the introduction!

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