Sunday, August 12, 2012

Staples - Starbucks Gift Cards 12.8% Discount

Update:  I received my gift cards and $7.96 back from ebates!

$150 Gift cards for $130.80

Staples is now offering $15 off a purchase of $150 until August 18th

Use coupon code 99618 - can only be used once.

- Put in any gift cards from staples that equal $150, for example 3 Starbucks gift cards and the final cost will be $135.  After 4% back from Ebates, the total becomes $130.80, which is a return of 12.8%.  If you use your American Express Fidelity Card, you will get another 2% for a 14.8% return.

 - Put in 2 $100 Visa gift cards and the total will come out to $198.90 (extra fee with Visa) after the $15 coupon.

If you start your purchase at ebates, you will get another 4% cash back which is $7.95 so your final total is $190.94 or a 4% return on your money.  If you use your American Express Fidelity Card, you can get another 2% off, so you will get a 6% return.

Your savings will only show up after you hit "begin secure checkout" even though you have already entered the coupon code so don't be afraid that it won't work.

You can use your American Express Prepaid Card and you will get a 4%, or 12.8% return while exchanging your current prepaid card for a Visa or Starbucks gift cards.