Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chase Checking Account - $200 Bonus

Chase Checking Account - $200 Bonus - This is a great bonus if you qualify.  Usually you see it closer to $100

You need to sign up for direct deposit

New customers only (You need to have closed your account at least 90 days ago)

Once you have a chase checking account, you are automatically enrolled in Chase Exclusives.  This means that you will get a 10% bonus on any cashback from your Chase Freedom, plus an extra 10 cents for every transaction from your Chase Freedom.

This checking account is free if you either keep a $1,500 balance, have $5000 in all of your chase accounts (including savings) or have a direct deposit of $500 every month.

As always, take a screen shot of the promotion so that you have proof of it in case it is ever challenged by Chase.