Sunday, August 26, 2012

Use Serve Prepaid Card to Consolidate your Prepaid and Gift Cards

Serve prepaid card is currently running a promotion where if you load $25 onto you card, Serve will load another $25 instantly

In addition, serve can be used to consolidate your prepaid cards in your name or your nameless visa gift cards (I assume Mastercard works as well, but not confirmed.  Amex nameless cards do not work)

Here is how to do it:

  1. There are many ways to load money onto your serve card, one is through a credit card.  
    1. When you are on the main page of your Serve account, you will have to click on "additional ways to fund your account" to choose a credit card.
  2. Serve's official rules are that after March 15, 2013, they will charge you 2.9% to load with a credit card.  When I loaded from my prepaid and gift cards, I was able to transfer my whole balance without incurring any fees from Serve or my card companies.
  3. There is a limit of loading $100 a day from a credit card so depending on how much you are adding, it may take a few days.
  4. This only works if the card is in your name.  Nameless visa gift cards work as well.  Nameless Amex gift card will not work.
  5. After you have loaded all the money into your serve account, you will have one card with all of the money on it so you don't have to constantly check your balances on different cards.
  6. If you and your wife have gift cards you can send money from one serve account to the other and consolidate even further.

Do not immediately try to take the money out to your checking account or from an ATM.  Many people have gotten their accounts closed and their bonuses taken away.  There is no problem as long as you then spend the money.  The idea is to make it more simple (who wants 20 gift cards that you need to keep track of), don't try to take it further.