Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5% Cashback on Gas All Year Round!

Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

Last month, I stopped in at my local Sunoco station and bought a $25 Sunoco gift card from inside the station with my Chase Freedom card.  I called Chase to see if my purchase qualified for the 5% gas card.  I mentioned that it was right near my house and I often go there so I just wanted to make sure that I will get the bonus.  To my surprise, she said "yes, you will be getting 5% cashback for that."

Chase Freedom allows you to spend up $1,500 on gas and get 5% back ($75 back).  I don't normally spend more than $200 a month on gas.  I can now stock up until September with gift cards and use those during the rest of the year and still get my 5%.

If you spend a lot on gas, you can use your Discover it™ as well and do the same thing.  Your buying power will be doubled.

Normally, you get 5% cashback for purchases at the pump, but not for any purchases inside the convenience store.  Before you buy a lot of gift cards, try it yourself and make sure it will work at any of your local gas stations.  Chances are, it won't work, but you can always come to Buffalo to come buy from my station ;)

If anyone finds any other gas stations where this works, please list them in the comments

You can also sign up for the Penfed Platinum Rewards Credit Card (no annual fee) which gives you 5 points for every dollar you spend at a grocery store and the points can be redeemed for visa gift cards.  They gave me a hard time trying to approved.  They kept wanting more documents.  If you already have the Chase Freedom, just stick with it and give this a shot.