Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Voltage Tester - $3.99 from Meritline

My wife and I decided to try to save a few dollars by doing some house repairs by ourselves.  We have two switches for our kitchen lights and one of them broke so we decided to see what we can do.  We (read: my wife) watched a youtube to figure out what to do.

We bought all of the parts for about $15-$20 and saved ourselves about $100 because we didn't have to call an electrician for a very small job.

These kinds of little tasks can easily be done if you just watch a couple of videos online first.

One tool that is necessary for changing light switches is a voltage tester.  You need to tell which switch is the live wire and which one is not.

Right now, you can get a voltage tester for $3.99 from meritline

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