Tuesday, July 3, 2012

American Express - Shop Small $10 Credit

Update 6/24

It seems that https://www.thespicehouse.com/ qualifies for Chicago.

The CRC has a list of spices that does not a hashgacha

If you spend $10, you should receive an email saying that you will get a statement credit.  Leave a comment if you get the confirmation email.

You can buy one gift card with every amex card you registered and then you can stack your gift cards to make a purchase

Update 6/21 The promotion has arrived.  Prepaid cards do not work.  Each person can register one card, but you can register in all three cities for a total of $30 per user for free.  I have not seen any confirmed websites that will work for this.  When I do, I will let everyone know.  If anyone gets the confirmation email please leave a comment with the website that will work.

Here are the sites to register your cards.

It has been going around the internet (and here and here) that starting June 21st, you can register your American Express Credit Cards at this website run by AMEX and you will eligible for a one time $10 statement credit when you purchase something in Boston, Philadelphia or Chicago through July 4th.

I can't promise this will happen, but I would make sure to check on Thursday.  I will update once I have more information.  I will also try to find out if the AMEX prepaid cards (which was free money in the first place) will be eligible.  Usually you can get one credit per AMEX you have that you register, not just one per person so if you have a bunch of cards, you can get even more free money or stuff!

This may end up being a targeted offer (only for those who get the email), so stay tuned...

AMEX has run similar promotions in the past for everyone and I have gotten either free money or free items, another reason it is great to have AMEX credit cards (no, I'm not being paid to say that :)

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