Wednesday, October 17, 2012

American Express Prepaid Card - $75 Free!

Edit 5: It seems as though American Express has decided to not send out any gift cards this time as many people have reported that they didn't get theirs in the mail.  The good news is that if you call them, they will credit your prepaid card with the promo money.  

Ask them to credit the primary cardholder's card all $75 since the gift cards are supposed to be ordered to the purchaser of the cards, not the receivers of the cards.  Instead of 3 $25 gift cards, you will have 1 prepaid card with $75 which is a little easier.

Edit 4: For those who live in Buffalo, the ATM in Wegmans on Alberta has an ATM that charges a $1 fee.  Instead of loading $200, load $201 and take all of it out of the ATM and deposit it back into your checking account.  Assuming you have a credit card that gets you 1%, you will get $2 back for spending the $200 on a credit card and then you won't have money tied up in prepaid cards!

Edit 3: Only a few more days left. Ends August 31st.  If you start a serve account ($25 promotion - you can use these prepaid cards to get your $25 bonus) and 4 of your six cards are under you and your spouses names, you can combine all of those cards into your serve account, leaving you with just the serve card and two more prepaid cards.

Edit 2: The deal is back. Even if you got the promotion last time, you are eligible again as long as you order new cards and load $200 on them! 
American Express Prepaid Card

Edit 1:  I have received my $25 gift cards in the mail! 

American Express Prepaid Card
American Express Giftcards
That's a 12.5% return on your money!

Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on the Link to American Expres
  2. Click on "get your card now"
  3. Add in the name and address of the person you are getting the card for (it could be yourself) in this screen.  If you are buying one for someone else, add their name and address.  On the next screen you can still get it shipped to your own address, even if you are buying it with someone else's name.
  4. At the next screen you will need a funding source.  If you have a verified savings or checking account, that will work, otherwise you will have to verify an account at this stage.
  5. You should have ordered your card!
  6. If you want to order a card for someone else (your spouse or anyone else), do the same process, but you should signed in to your American Express Prepaid account before you click on the link to make the process easier (you won't need to reverify the funding source).
  7. Your spouse can order cards for themselves and you as well.  If you have troubling toggling between one account and other (it keep bringing you back to your account even though you have logged into your spouses account), use a new browser and it should work.

Each account holder can get one card for themselves with their own name on it and an additional two cards with other people's names and qualify for another $25 for each additional card for a total of $75.

You can "buy" for the other 2 people who don't live with you and have AMEX send all the cards to the billing address (your address), use them yourself and keep all the money yourself.

You need to be 13 years old to get a card.

The deal ends on August 30th.

American Express Giftcards

It takes about 6 week for the $25 gift card to come in the mail.

You can make an ATM withdrawal once a month of up to $400 for free so don't actually have to spend any money as long as you do the withdrawal after you get your gift card.  Many grocery stores will allow you to take out money for free when you are making a purchase (as long as you are using your card as a debit card - ie hit the debit button, not the credit button)

Keep in mind that every prepaid card you get means more free redbox rentals because each coupon code works for every card you own!