Friday, May 4, 2012

Need a Coupon? Sign up for an Email Subscription (and then cancel later ;)

I signed up for a banana republic credit card because I was shopping there.  When I signed up for the card, I bought 4 pairs of pants for $88.

After signing up for paperless statements and emails and a few other things, they sent me a gift card worth $50 at any banana republic store, which needed to be used by the end of June.

Since I am on vacation, I decided to go back to the Banana Factory Outlet Store (Niagara Outlet Mall) and use my $50.

I looked online for some printable coupons and the best I could find was 10% off a $100 purchase.  That wasn't going to help because I was trying to spend as close to $50 as possible.  I then saw that if you sign up for emails, you can get a 15% off coupon with no minimum purchase.  Since I have multiple email accounts, I was able to get the coupon even though I have already signed up for their emails.

Pants were $50, but the whole store was 40% off so they ended up being $30.  After the 15% off coupon, the pants were $25.50 each so I bought two pairs for $1.  This means that in the end, the pants were 6 for $89 or $14.83 each.  Not too bad.

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