Friday, May 11, 2012

I Love Garage Sales

My wife and I just went to a coordinated block sale.  4 or 5 houses on one block got together and they all had separate garage sales at the same time.

You can get some great deals at a garage sale.  There is a limited time when they are selling and they are dedicated sellers.  As one person told me today, "I don't want this stuff going back in my house".  That was music to my ears :)

Here is what we got for $41 (sticker price - $57.25 - I don't even know how much it would cost new) 

Here are some individual pictures

The first two items were a boppy pillow and a little shelf for $6 (sticker price $7.25 - the soda did not come with it :(

After that, we got 9 shirts/jeans/coats for $10 (sticker price $15).  A grandmother was selling her only grandchild's clothing.  She said, "he was really spoiled."  They are in beautiful condition and probably weren't worn very much. (of course the couch itself we got at a different Estate sale :-)

This is was our big ticket item of the day.  We were looking for some lawn furniture for some, but we figured we would eventually find something at a garage sale that we liked.  These were $25 (sticker price - $35) for two reclining chairs and a foot stand.  Overall, we had a very successful day!


John @ Married (with Debt) said...

I can't wait for garage sale season to officially get underway. Looks like you got a really great deal on those kids' clothes.

Oren said...

I agree, I think the kids' clothes was the best of the three purchases.

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