Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chase Freedom 5% at Grocery Stores Until the End of June

Chase Freedom
Starting today, you can get 5% Cashback on $1,500 on your grocery purchases (and anything at the grocery store - more about that soon) until the end of June.

Remember to activate your card here to get your 5%

If you aren't able to spend $500 a month at the grocery store for three months, you can buy anything you want that they sell at the grocery store and still get your 5%.  This means that you can buy gift cards to finish off the $1,500.  If you buy grocery store gift cards, you can effectively get 5% back in other months until your run out of your gift cards.  You can also buy Amazon, Itunes, Bed Bath and Beyond or any other gift cards they sell at your grocery store and get 5% back on these purchases to.

Chase Exclusives
Get a 10% bonuson your cashback. With Chase Exclusives, if you have a Chase Checking Account, they will add 10% to your cashback and another 10 cents to every purchase, no matter how large. You can have a Checking account for free if you have direct deposit of $500, $1,500 in the checking account (average daily balance for the month) or $5,000 in any Chase account.

Here is an example.  If you spend $1, you will get one cent for your regular 1% back and you will get an additional 10 cents (11% back).  If you spend $10, you will get your regular one cent, your regular 10 cents and then an additional cent for your 10% bonus, for a total of 12 cents back (1.2%).  If you spend 8 cents, you will still get your 10 cents back for a net gain!  Buy a few Jellybeans from the grocery store for under ten cents and you just made a few cents and you have yourself some jellybeans.  I know, what can be better!

Don't Have a Chase Freedom?
Don't have a Chase Freedom, sign up here and get $100 cashback when you spend $500 or more in the first 3 months.  The Freedom is a great card to have anyways.