Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bing Rewards - Get Amazon Gift Cards Just for Searching

Disclaimer: Bing Rewards is only for those who are extra thrifty or who have a lot of extra time :)  The rewards program takes a bit of time everyday and doesn't get you that much, but you can and will get free gift cards to Amazon.  The bottom line is that the time:rewards ratio is not very favorable but I still do it because it is free money and I can't turn that down.

Here is how it works:

You sign up for a Windows Live account and Bing Rewards.

For every 525 credits you accumulate, you can redeem the rewards for a $5 Amazon gift card.  Once you hit the Gold level, it will only take 475 credits.

For every 2 searches you do, Bing will give you one credit.  There is a maximum number of searches you can do.  This is different for everyone.  I started out with 10 credits a day, which then went up to 20 once I reached Silver level and now went back down to 10 when I redeemed my first rewards.  Others have started out with 8 and others have started out with 44.  It's kind of random.

Extra Bonus When You Are First Starting off:
When you first start off, you will be able to get around 50 credits for going through the Bing Rewards Tour and clicking on everything.  You also can get 3-6 credits a day extra when you click on the daily rewards.  In addition, once you reach silver status you get a 50 credit bonus.

The Bottom Line:
It took me about 2-2 1/2 weeks to get my first $5.  It takes me about a minute and a half a day and it is slightly addicting.  Here is the way to do it.  Search something random.  There will be related searches on the side.  Right click on each related search and click "open link in new tab".  Then move on to the next window and do the same until you have exhausted your searches for the day.  This takes about 2 minutes a day.

Once you get your $5 reward, they email you a code and you redeem it in your Amazon account right away and the next time you make a purchase, you can use your $5!

Even if you are only getting 13 credits a day (10 for searches and 3 for daily bonuses), you can get a $5 gift card almost monthly (about every 40 days- 36 days once you reach gold status).  It isn't much, but it's free.  If you start off with 44 a day, you can get a Gift Card every 12 days, that's over $10 a month, but it will take a few more minutes a day to do the searches.