Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Joseph A. Bank - 65% off Suits and $50 off a $100 Purchase

Joseph A. Bank is running a 65% off sale on certain suits.  In addition, if you use coupon code SAVE50, you will get $50 off a $100 purchase.

Sale ends on tomorrow (Wednesday April 11th)

Start your purchase from Ebates and get 5% cashback as well.  You will still get your normal cashback from your credit card as well. 

Don't have ebates?  Sign up here for free.  You also get a $10 gift card to Target, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot or Magazines.com after your first $25 purchase

Here is an example:

This suit is regularly $595.

After 65% off, it is $199.  After the $50 coupon code, it goes down to $149.  Shipping will add $13.95 to your house or $6.95 to get it shipped to the store (or free shipping if you spend $195 or more).  Let's assume you have a store near you.  After $13.95 of tax, the total purchase comes out to a little less than $170.

Your credit card will be charged $170.  You will get $7.50 back to your Ebates account (5% cashback does not include shipping or taxes).  You will also get your 1-2% back from your credit card so that will take another $1.70-$3.40 off the price.

Therefore, your final price with a 2% cashback credit card will come out to a little less than $160 (regularly $595) including tax and shipping!