Sunday, April 29, 2012

Citi Bank AAdvantage Credit Card - 20,000 Free Miles for Secure Message!

I know I will be flying a lot next year for interviews so I have been signing up for a bunch of credit card that have very good sign up bonuses in terms of miles.

One of the latest was the Citibank AAdvantage Gold card.  I thought I would get 30,000 miles for spending $750 in 4 months, which is very easy to do.  Since you are able to get at least 1 cent per mile, this comes out to $300 in flying money or a 40% return on your $750.  I chose this card because it has the smallest annual fee ($50 - first year waived).

I then saw an advertisement for 50,000 miles when you sign for a different citibank AAdvantage card (one with a higher annual fee).  I sent citibank an email from my account (under "Help & Contact Us you click on Secure Message Center) with the following message, nothing fancy:

The subject was 50K Miles Promotion:

Hello, I noticed after I signed up for the 30k Miles promotion that you were also running a 50K miles promotion. Would you be able to match that promotion for my card? Thanks. 

I got a message back a day later that said:

We have added 20,000 bonus miles to honor the offer you have mentioned. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for those miles to reflect on your statement. 

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

20,000 miles free!  That's basically the same thing as $200 free since I will definitely need to use those miles anyway! 

(You can also call up when your annual fee is about to come up and threaten to cancel the card and often get a retention bonus, but that is for a different post - probably when some of my cards are due for annual fee charges ;)