Monday, March 5, 2012

Samsung Mini USB Phone Charger - $2.81 + Free Shipping

This cord will allow you to charge your phone to a computer or plug it into an outlet

Samsung USB Charger Adapter with Data Cable MicroUSB - $2.81 from Amazon

If you don't care about plugging into a wall outlet, you can save $1.20 and get only the cord for $1.65

Samsung Mini USB Phone Charger $1.65 with Free Shipping from Amazon


Unknown said...

Some of my friends are looking for a Samsung phone charger I will tell this one to my friend soon. Is this true that this charger is free for shipping how about the mode of payment? is it cash or via bank account?.

Oren said...

I'm sorry, the price has changed. It is now $4.40. It is a regular amazon purchase so you can use a credit card

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