Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pesach Kitchen - A Cheap Alternative

Updated for 2013

Depending on who you ask, a Pesach kitchen is either the epitome of Jewish American excess or a luxury that is almost impossible to live without.  Usually, it depends on whether you have one.

A Pesach kitchen can be a great way to take a lot of stress out of Pesach preparations.  You no longer have to get the house ready and only then begin cooking, all in a very short time.

My wife was talking to a friend and she mentioned that she has a Pesach kitchen in her basement, which she put together for not so much money.  All you need is some freezer space, a folding table, a sink and a few kitchen products.

Thank you NT for the great tip!

Here is a way to have most of a Pesach kitchen for under $150

You can buy a convection toaster oven that fits a 9x13 pan and do a lot of your cooking and baking.  I have been told to avoid buying one that can fit 2 pans because the bottom pan often burns.

Here is the one we bought, for $80-

  Oster Digital Large Capacity Toaster Oven

- You can buy a double burner for about $70 and cook lots of meatballs and soup to freeze.

BroilKing PR-D1 Professional Double Burner Range 

This comes to a grand total of $150, including shipping.

If you order them now you will be able to get them in time to plan ahead for Pesach.

If you know my wife, you would know that we already have these products because Pesach isn't a time period of the year, it's a mindset.  Just don't tell her I told you that.