Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brita Slim Pitcher - 6 Cents After Rebate

Disclaimer - The Discover offers are no longer valid.

The Brita Slim Pitcher costs $10.37 from Lowe's after tax if you are willing to pick it up from the store.

Buy it through Ebates and you get 2.5% off.  If you assume that get at least 1% back from every credit card purchase (you should be doing better than that - see the related links at the end), the final price comes to $10.06.

Don't have Ebates?  You can sign up for free and you get a $10 gift card to Target, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot or after your first $25 purchase. 

After the $10 rebate, which means that you will pay a final price of 6 cents!

I don't have a link to it because it has been removed but I saved a copy so you can email me and I will gladly send you a PDF of the rebate to you.

If you have a Discover it™, you can get 5% off purchases from Lowe's through so you end up making a few cents on the deal!

At this price, even if you already have a Brita pitcher buy another one for Pesach!

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