Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazon - iPod Charger $0.78 and Free Shipping

Update: My charger came and it works.  A great deal at 78 cents!

I don't really get how they could possibly be making any money but I just bought an iPod charger for $0.78 cents on Amazon with Free Shipping.  The shipping alone must cost much more than the 78 cents.  It is estimated to come in 17-28 days.

Here is the link:
USB Sync and Charging Cable Compatible with Apple iPhone (White)

I figure even if I am getting ripped off, I am only losing 78 cents and if I am not getting ripped off then I am getting a really cheap iPod charger :)   I can always complain to Amazon if they don't fulfill the order.


RB Boren said...

I've bought very cheap chargers and power adapters on eBay and everything I bought has worked fine, although I've seen other buyers leave the occasional feedback that the item they bought didn't work properly.

Device chargers tend to be small and lightweight and I would expect most of them to be mailable domestically for no more than about one dollar.

RB Boren said...

p.s. if your charger is being shipped from Hong Kong (for which 17-28 days sounds appropriate), I have read that costs are heavily subsidized by government.

Oren said...

Thanks RB Boren.

It is being shipped from Hong Kong. A subsidy would make the most sense because the shipping would take away all of the revenue plus more and they still need to build or buy the equipment.

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