Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Target RED (Credit) Card - An Important Second Tier Card for Everyone

For other credit cards, take a look here

I just recently got a Target Card, although it doesn't have a Visa symbol so it can't be used outside of Target (you can get one with a Visa symbol).  I think EVERYONE should get a target card and here is why.


1) Free Shipping at with no minimums - I can't tell you how many times I  bought this pack of pencils at Amazon in order to qualify for Super Free Shipping.  With the Target Card, as long as the price is the same, you never have to think about that anymore.

2) Start your shopping at Ebates and get another 3% off online

3) 5% off at Target stores and - This is not 5% back in miles or points, you just spend 5% less to begin with.

4) An extra 5% off on Pharmacies (10% total) when you fill 5 prescriptions

5) 1% of your order (in addition to the 5%) goes to a school of your choice -  Please pick Jewish Heritage Day School, our local day school, if you don't care who gets it.  Once you connect your card to a school, there is nothing you need to do anymore.

6) No Annual Fee - of course, I wouldn't recommend the card if it had one.  (there are few exceptoins)

7) If you have bad credit, cards from Retailers are a good place to start


Anonymous said...

Plus the ease of returns to their stores (within 90 days).

Oren said...

They also allow you to return online purchases to the store, which not every store allows.

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