Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Credit Cards for Individual Retailers

For the best credit cards, click Here

When I walk into a store, unlike most people, I always look into their credit card.  Their cards are almost never the best for regular usage, but you can get some real savings in their store.

Also, if you don't have a credit history, they are usually a good way to start building your credit because it is easier to get a store credit card than a bank credit card.

Another great thing, is that many of these card will give you free coupons and gift cards just for being a member

Here is a list of my favorite store credit cards.  As always, these cards have no annual fee:

Target Red Card5% back on every purchase, plus free shipping from target.com, plus get an additional 5% off any pharmacy items from Target.
        - If you enroll in their Taking Charge of Education program, a school of your choice will get 1% of your purchase (you don't lose anything).  Please pick Jewish Heritage Day School, our local day school, if you don't care who gets it.

Banana Republic - 15% off your first purchase.  5% back on every purchase towards a Gap Inc. store (banana, gap, old navy etc.)  - plus get a $15 gift card for your birthday every year and $40 after first purchase not at Banana Republic.  Plus, you can get up to 2,000 bonus point ($20) for signing up for paperless statements, emails, voice mails, atheleta news.
    -You get $60 back right away, in addition to all other savings!

Brooks Brothers - 15% off your first purchase.  4% back at Brooks Brothers- plus get another $20 gift card for your birthday every year.
          -At this point, I pretty much go to Brooks Brothers once a year, buy 5 pairs of socks and spend     $1-$2.  I'm never sure what emotions I am feeling as I walk out.

Toys R Us/Babies R Us - 10% off your first purchase.  4% back on every purchase + you can get another 1% with the keyring rewards card.

Lowe's - 5% off purchases at Lowe's

As always, if you have any cards that you like, please let us all know which card you like and why.