Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chase United Visa Mileage Plus Credit Card

Edit: The Chase United Visa Mileage Plus Credit Card rules say that you will two get two free passes  a year to the United Club at the airport starting in the second year (after you have paid the annual fee). I received my two free passes this past week and it has been less than a year so I can cancel my card without paying the annual fee and still get my Club passes (they expire at the end of next year).

I can't promise that this will be true for everyone, but this was my experience

I normally am not a fan of cards that have an annual fee but this is a card that has signup bonus that is  hard to beat.

The card is the Chase Visa United Airlines Mileage Plus Credit Card

Keep in mind that I have just applied for this card so I haven't used the benefits and I can't verify it from personal experience.  As with everything else, please read the terms and conditions carefully from their website.

Advantages -

1) $1,500 of Gift Cards at -You get 30,000 miles just for signing up, making one purchase and adding an authorized user within two months of signing up.  If you can't add an authorized user you can still get 25,000 miles for signing up and making one purchase.  You can redeem 2,000 points for 4 separate $25 gift cards at for a total of $100.  30,000/2,000 = 15.  This means that you can redeem 2,000 points 15 times for a total of $1,500 at!  For those who eat kosher they do have a few kosher restaurants in Manhattan, like Wolf and Lamb.

2) Annual Fee ($95) is waived the first year - I sent Chase an email regarding how long you have to keep the card open and they said that if you keep it open for 6 months they won't take your points away for closing the account.  This means that you can cancel the account between 6 months and the end of the first year without incurring any penalties.


1) There is an annual fee after the first year that is pretty expensive ($95) so make sure to cancel the card after 6 months (set up a reminder on your calender for 7 months after you officially have the card).